Significant Tips Before Buying an Acreage 

Are you seeking a large piece of land to construct your ideal house? Or are you merely looking to make investments for the future? If you are looking for land for sale, you will have a ton of diverse possibilities at your disposal. It seems sensible that you want to ensure that the acreage you ultimately purchase will provide you with a good return on your investment and present you with few construction-related problems.

We have researched and compiled a list of significant and practical tips to keep in mind while looking for acreage for sale. Moreover, it is better to get guidance from a rural estate agent. For example, if you are in Melbourne, you can contact The Company, a specialist in rural land, farmland, acreage, and lifestyle properties. However, continue to learn to ensure that the land you purchase will not become an expense or liability.

A Gorgeous Reclining Location with a View? OR a Flat, Workable Block? You Have a Choice!

Start by examining the site’s slope. Naturally, a block is easier to construct if it is flatter. However, it goes without saying that the surrounding view will be better the steeper the site is.   

What is the best course of action? Will building on a sloped block be more expensive?

There are a few points that we have included below as a response to this. The good news is that the expense of construction would not be prohibitive unless your location is exceptionally steep. As a result, we discover that modular homes can have up to 1.5m fall over the building footprint for very little additional expense.

You should also think about the kind of house you want to build there. In general, a home on slabs can be more reasonably priced on almost level lots, while a home on stumps is preferred on sloping sites.

Which Building Method is Best for a Steep Site?

You are therefore staring at a sloped piece of land. It’s ideal—beautiful and lush, with a nice vista, and the location of your dream house. But which building technique is the most effective? You have two choices;   

Concrete Slab: To apply this technique on a sloped site, you must carefully consider how to cut and fill a level pad. Additionally, you must consider retaining walls and how a house pad will affect site drainage depending on how steep your property is.

For a few reasons, the stump home approach is suggested for sites that slope. There is less site disruption, which lowers construction costs, and you do not have to worry about the drainage system. Moreover, the cost reductions could be substantial as you would not be doing any filling and cutting.

Access For Cranes to Sloping Blocks

It is crucial to have access to the parcel of land you are thinking about buying. Generally speaking, you may anticipate it to be much more difficult to build a home if the block you are considering is so steep that you would not be able to get a mid-size crane or even delivery trucks to your site. Unfortunately, this implies that the price of your new home will increase.  

Soil Classification: What is it?

Access Cranes to Sloping Blocks


One of the most important things you need to think about when buying your new acreage block is what is underground. You can have a gorgeous acreage site with stunning vistas, but the soil type is quite reactive. Reactive soils can have huge price increases!  

Then, how do we refute this? Let’s first understand the numerous soil classes, in any case. Soil is split into seven main types, based on expected surface movement. To better understand the expected movement measurement, just imagine how much the soil expands and shrinks between wet and dry circumstances. When you see all those fractures in the mud as it dries up, you need to prepare yourself for movement.

You must have a soil test performed by a geotechnical engineer to determine your soil classification properly. You cannot really do this before buying an acreage that is available for sale, though, sadly!

We strongly advise you to ask your agent if a soil test has ever been conducted on the property. Moreover, if not, attempt to identify any residents who have recently built in a nearby region and ask them what kinds of soil types they encountered. We at The Company guide you with everything when you are looking for acreage for sale in Melbourne.

Services Location on an Acreage Site

The availability of basic amenities like water, electricity, and sewage is the next factor to take into account. All of them are very important and will add significantly to the cost of your new land. Once more, this is something that is not immediately perceived as having a significant financial impact.  

Networking Your Power To your Glorious Average

Has power been installed on the land parcel you are thinking about buying? The situation is excellent because it could avoid high expenses in the future. One of our clients’ most common issues is having power connected to their locationHowever, if the home you are interested in purchasing lacks electricity, we suggest that you follow a few simple steps to determine whether this will be a problem. Because if your site doesn’t have power connected, it could drastically increase the cost of building and lengthen the development period.  

Discover How to Connect it

Find out how simple it is to connect power to the acreage block you are considering purchasing by following the instructions below.   

  1. Look for the closest electrical pole.    
  1. Consider how distant the location of your proposed home site is from the pole. (Keep in mind that travel costs increase with distance.)   
  1. Consult a local electrician to learn about connection options and associated expenses.   
  1. To learn how to connect the power, visit the website of the Australian Energy Regulator.  

Tank Water  

Tank Water

The presence of town water on the property is a noteworthy characteristic. You must plan for larger water tanks and pumps if town water is not available. Even while it does not seem like much of a hassle, it does cost a bit more. Having said that, we discover that most clients enjoy having the extra water storage at their disposal. Many of our clients also use dam water or bore water for non-drinking pools and landscaping.  

Systems For On-site Sewerage & Treatment

Once more, an acreage of property with access to town sewage is perfect. Unfortunately, this service is not available on most acreage blocks. This indicates that setting up a septic tank or wastewater treatment facility and connecting it to your house will nearly always be necessary. Because contemporary treatment systems are more dependable and thus more affordable than septic systems, our clients frequently install them.  

What is The Risk of Flood and Fire?

Nobody wants to be forced to live near a roaring bushfire or flood, with all the associated heartache, anguish, and tragedy. The rules governing places vulnerable to flooding or wildfire have thankfully become stricter recently.   

There are certain building regulations that we must follow if your acreage property is in a bushfire or flood zone. Finally, this will call for a thorough evaluation of the site by a Bushfire Consultant or a Flood Height Surveyor.

Then, what Should you Do? 

To find out if your site has a wildfire or flood overlay, check with the local municipality. For some useful advice on construction in wildfire zones, check out the webpages of the Rural Fire Brigade.     

Look at the risk level in the event that a wildfire overlay is present. This is the site’s risk from bushfires. It is possible that the location of your home is close to dense brush. The type of bushland and the slope of the land you may also take into account. The risk would not be too high if your home site is primarily flat.  Furthermore, sloped property frequently has a higher fire danger.

You must make sure that your residence is above the flood level established by the council if it is in a flood overlay zone. Usually, this entails constructing a pad or having the house erected higher.

Planning Overlays for Acreage Sites by the Council

This leads us to our final point. Check with the council to see if there are any planning difficulties with the acreage block you are considering purchasing. These problems may be represented by an “overlay” map or planning zone. This is because some overlays can make it very difficult or even impossible to construct on a particular plot of land.  

What are Overlays & Zones?

To begin with, overlays and zones are a way for the council to quickly categories various parts of the local area. As a result, they are then able to ensure safe building practices as well as ensure that the locality’s culture, environment, and livability are retained. Bushfire, flood, heritage, eco-habitat, and landslip are just a few of the typical overlays that many councils apply. Almost every local council and government  

How can you ascertain whether your block is impacted? Contacting your local council or a town planner is the simplest approach to find out whether any overlays do influence your site and might restrict your building possibilities. Once you have given them the address of the property, they can swiftly check this out and give you the pertinent details.

Looking For Acreage for Sale

If you think acreage is what you want then, certainly it is a good option for you, and contact the experts at The Company in Melbourne, you will get the options as per your requirements.  

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