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Although The Company was established in 2016, we have been in the Real Estate business for two generations and know what it takes to purchase, sell, and invest in Real Estate today. At The Company, our Mission is to transform. We transform people by empowering our clients and team to attain financial freedom, by encouraging people to reimagine what is possible, and by motivating everyone we come into contact with to live out their potential. By restoring neighborhoods and assisting local businesses, by establishing gathering places and activities, and by collaborating with organizations that provide individuals with a place to live, we transform communities. We transform the world by constantly looking for ways to positively impact everything we do, by applying the lessons we’ve learned in Melbourne to new markets throughout the world, and by leaving a legacy of transformation for coming generations.

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Modern markets require a flexible property sales strategy. With our expertise in development sites, acreage, and mixed-use properties as well as our broad network, we’ll strategically position your asset, target the ideal buyers, and ensure a smooth transaction to achieve an optimal result.



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With over a decade of combined national investment sales experience, The Company Real Estate operates nationwide, granting access to premium assets and an extensive Australian investor network. Our highly experienced team offers rare national coverage, and our collective expertise, rooted in deep industry knowledge, ensures we guide you at every stage, whether it’s negotiating a sale or positioning you for growth.

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